2019 - 2020 
(to be continued)

Guided by the tutor Jurgen Bey, studio Makking & Bey

Keywords: urban narratives, speculative design, alternative futures, city inspection, new workers, new jobs, dressing the city, public spaces, a new movement

This project invites you to think about the time when technology will generate extreme levels of automation, leaving us with more time for a slower being. How will we connect to our surroundings? As standardised, sterile urban structures meant to serve fast lifestyles are spreading throughout today’s cities, there is no space for humans to express their nature. How to intervene in this mutation of our public spaces and “unalienate” our cities?

#helloeveryone highlights the role of chaos within cities and explores its potential to shape new orders - jobs. The project initiates the change of public spaces by introducing Hello Everyone workers into the streets. Their unique uniforms and unusual behaviours “dress” the city and unfold new connections between human & nonhuman surroundings. The project becomes a medium for the emergence of new urban tribes. 


Initially meant for our new generation - the smallest ones, this book invites everyone to observe our cities more inclusively and sparks our imagination to dream of what kind of Hello Everyone workers we could become.

Find the book here.


The Hello Everyone City inspectors continuously observe and analyse the most chaotic parts of our cities. Sometimes their findings grow to experiments, city tours and publications, but initially, they are meant to be translated into new jobs which attempt to guide the changing citizens’ needs.

City inspectors are already spread through many cities, starting within Europe, and the community keeps expanding.

Check out city inspectors’ findings here.


With their new jobs, the Hello Everyone workers become a medium to bring unique qualities to public space. By inviting creatives from various disciplines to participate in the production phase, we bring professional designs, writings, and craftsmanship to the public space and create a new community within the creatives themselves.

The collaboration between fashion and spatial designers became a starting point for shaping a circle of creatives.

Photo credits: J. Equizi ; Shaman’s uniform design: L. Snijders

Photo credits: H. Roig; Shaman’s uniform design: L. Snijders

Photo credits: H. Roig; Stopman’s uniform design: L. Snijders


The project has been developing for more than a year. The urgency to "unalienate" our sterile city landscapes, discover new types of labour within changing society, and open a medium for new communities to emerge has already been transforming into the actions within the Hello Everyone scenario.