Neo-Futuristic Walks

2020 - present (ongoing)
in collaboration with Goda Verikaitė

Location: London, UK; VIlnius, LT; Utrecht, NL; Kaunas, LT; Brussels, BE; place X

Keywords: urban narratives, movement of walkers, speculative design, alternative futures, city inspection, workshops, events

Neo-futuristic Walks is a series of “walkable” city inspections that shape a community of neo-futurists who collectively re-imagine new ways of urban coexistence. Through the act of walking, neo-futurists explore the primal bodily experience’s role in unfolding new relationships in and with urban environments. They employ context-sensitive speculative scenarios to live in constant preparations for the inescapable urban futures.

The project was initiated at the end of 2020 by Aušra Česnauskytė together with Goda Verikaitė. It started within the Experiments platform organised by the Architecture Fund of Lithuania. The first set of Neo-futuristic Walks landed in Vilnius and London, where an interdisciplinary community of students and other creatives were gathered for four months of city inspections. A series of online/offline workshops enabled a dialogue between the two contexts and kicked off the creative exchange. In June 2021, the project as a performative tour was presented at the London Festival of Architecture 2021. In August 2021, a parallel event took place in Vilnius.

In 2022 Neo-futuristic Walks evolved into a series of walkshops (city walks - workshops) which travels from city to city. In this format, Neo-futuristic Walks have already taken place in Utrecht (NL), and Kaunas (LT) and soon will go to Brussels (BE).



(in progress)

Walkshop in Leidsche Rijn, Utrecht

Photo credits: T.Daniele (Utrecht)


An emergence of the neo-futurist community.
Cities inspection phase

All neo-futurists in Vilnius and London got a package with a welcoming message and a set of stickers. During many on-site walks, they gathered personal observations, stories, and visions that we later exchanged during the series of online workshops.

Photo and object design credits: L. Snijders 

Photo credits:
K. Vasiliauskaitė, A. Oleva

Common narrative production

After a series of workshops and many gatherings on-site, neo-futurists developed an overarching narrative, which let us unfold the future-oriented  dialogue between the two sites.


Performative events in Vilnius and London

We showcased our urban research process and collectively generated a future narrative to the public by inviting them to attend our 3hour performative walk. Visitors got a set of tools to re-discover their surroundings. Besides that, they could get to know neo-futurists and become one of them.

Photo credits:  Bon Alog (Lithuania)

Photo credits: J.Hammer (London) 

Exhibitions in Vilnius and EIndhoven

Photo credits: L. Jusas (Vilnius) 

Photo credits: A.Česnauskytė and G. Verikaitė (Eindhoven)