My new workspace

Academic project

Guided by the tutor Michou-Nanon de Bruijn, Studio Makking & Bey

Location: The Hague, NL

Keywords: Speculative design, object, performance, new workers, workspace

In the search for the perfect workspace to maximise our productivity, the physical setting becomes a host for machines rather than humans.

"My new workspace" is a humorous and playful criticism of the capitalistic worldview where a successful world inhabitant is described as an efficient, professional worker. It serves (and questions) this image by presenting the tools to silence the basic human body's needs, so the worker keeps working. Through the performative new workspace simulation, this project invites us to re-think our work routines and look for ways to maintain the connection to ourselves and our physical surroundings.

The project resulted in a satiric manifesto, a series of speculative reality pictures, and a set of headpieces designed to ensure the "strong worker" stays focused. It was presented through public performance.


Thinking box -  Designed to block all kinds of visual and sonic inputs. Has only two holes for the air to enter.
Tunnel Vision -  Designed to ensure the worker’s eyes don’t wander around. It is perfect to work on the computer.
Irrigation Helmet - Designed to keep the worker hydrated and guide the vision.
Feeding Helmet - Designed to block sonic distractions and minimise the time for eating.



Photo and video credits: S. Koukkides



The speculative pictures series starts from very realistic and familiar work settings and later brings strong workers to other planets.


︎ it is important to work. if you manage to concentrate, you can do big things, important things, satisfying things.

︎ to concentrate, you need to stand strong against all distractions and let everything around you merge into one solid mass. it is okay to feel this monster around, but don't get too curious and don't start feeding him with your attention. he will grow big and eat your peace and happiness.

︎ be in control. put your helmet and be ready to fight if he gets bigger.

︎ make sure you are strong, and you look strong. scare him.

︎ block your ears, block all his talks and sounds. it is not important.

︎ build the path of your vision to focus only on what you need to see. sometimes he will dance for you, give you a performance, come to sleep next to you, wave to you, do something weird. just don't look.

︎ surround yourself with water and food. don't let the monster come to your body and poke you from inside.

︎ keep a physical distance. don't let him make air and colour waves around you. make him get stuck even before reaching you.

︎ stay warm and dry. it is important that your body is happy and healthy. it needs to be strong to fight and strong to work.

︎ do big things, important things, satisfying things